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Fue Hair Transplant In Ludhiana



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The latest breakthrough is the emergence from 4 to 5 years a technique called follicular unit extraction ( Fue Hair Transplant ).

Historically hair transplants used 20 years ago punches of 3 to 4 mm in diameter. The results were most often unsightly. For ten years, cutting hair transplant to slowly but surely took over. The follicular units are isolated from a strip of tissue removed from the back of the scalp which is then cut under a microscope. Judicious use of these follicular grafts provides a very natural result.  The hair transplant quality is now undetectable. 

Recently, it has also extract the follicle directly from the scalp , using a micro punch of 0.9 to 1.2 mm in diameter. The technical difficulty is great, and it was necessary to develop a suitable instrument to achieve this result.


  • The Follicular extraction does not replace the conventional technique, but it has very interesting complementary indications.
  • Because it leaves no or few scars (in the form of tiny white dots embedded in the hair ) is particularly suited to men who want to wear the hair very short or in young patients that we do not yet know the future developments.
  • The wound is extremely fast. Indeed, the small piece of skin removed with the transplant will recover quickly without trace. 
  • The area in which we can collect hair is wider than the conventional technique. 
  • It is possible to use bristles of the body, for example those of the torso or legs in humans. 
  • Also one can graft a former secondary scarring often a transplant earlier